Kerrville nursing home was hit with 16 health code violations during pandemic

A Kerrville nursing home, where 12 people died from COVID-19, was cited 16 times in 2020 for health code violations by Texas regulators. The Texas Health and Human Services Commission issued the citations on Oct. 31 to Waterside Nursing and Rehabilitation, where 89 patients were infected with the virus. An additional 40 staff members contracted the virus. While Waterside officials corrected the issues by Nov. 10 — at the height of the outbreak — state officials found that the nursing home had failed to do the following: Did not keep safe, clean and homelike surroundings. Respect the residents' rights. To post information relating to the total number of hours and actual time of day to be worked by RNs, LVNs and CNAs. To make sure that the director of food service meets DADS qualifications. To make sure that its menus are followed and document any substitutions made to the menus. To include the nursing facility specialized services agreed to by the resident or LAR in the comprehensiv

Kerr County's positivity rate rises again, hospitalizations back to 30 people

One day after reporting one of its smallest number of positive coronavirus cases, Peterson Health said 23 people tested positive for the virus on Thursday, but with a positivity rate back at 34%, where it’s been for most of the last six weeks. While Wednesday proved to be a one-day dip, the number of people hospitalized at Peterson Regional Medical Center ticked upward for a third consecutive day with 30 people admitted with COVID-19, placing the hospital back in a place where 34% of the patients there were being treated for the virus.  All of this comes on a day when President Joe Biden warned that another 100,000 people across the country could die in the coming weeks from the virus. In Kerr County, an estimated 100 people have died from the virus, while more than 3,000 have now been infected.   Peterson Regional Medical Center has treated a minimum of 129 people and those with COVID-19 have spent an estimated 1,343 days hospitalized since late June. Want more exclusive reporting? Vi

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Kerrville approves resolution asking for review of rock crushing plant near manufacturing plants

The Kerrville City Council unanimously approved a resolution that notes its opposition to a rock and concrete operation that would be sited near three of the city's most important manufacturing operations. The proposed rock crushing would be located just south of Texas 27 and Al Mooney Road near the Kerrville-Kerr County Airport. It's also outside of the city limits and the only action the city can take is voicing its opposition to the plan.  What the resolution specified is that the city wants the plan to be more thoroughly reviewed.   Kerrville City Manager Mark McDaniel told the City Council that the city isn't exactly sure what impact the project would have on the air quality in the area, where manufacturers James Avery Artisan Jewelry, Fox Tank Company and the future site of Killdeer Mountain Manufacturing.  "We’ve got an area out there that’s very important to us," Kerrville Mayor Bill Blackburn said. "It creates some problems, especially for manufactur

3 more deaths reported, including 2 Monday at Peterson Regional Medical Center

Peterson Health said two people died Monday at Peterson Regional Medical Center from coronavirus, while Texas Health and Human Services confirmed a sixth person died last month at the Villagio of Kerrville — an assisted living center.  The death toll from coronavirus in Kerr County is now at 83 people, including 40 in the month of December. In the days after Christmas, there were 10 deaths of Kerr County residents. The death at the Villagio was on Dec. 29.  The only bit of good news when it came to the virus was that Peterson Regional Medical Center had 23 people hospitalized — the lowest count since Dec. 18.  On Tuesday, Peterson Health reported there were just 22 people positive for the virus — the lowest daily number since Dec. 30. In the first 12 days of January, 339 people have tested positive for the virus at Peterson Health. Tuesday's positivity rate was 16.9% — the lowest since Dec. 14.  At the Kerrville State Hospital, where three patients have died, there were 30 patients

Death toll continues to climb for Kerr County COVID-19 cases

Three more people who live in Kerr County are dead from the coronavirus, including another nursing home patient and a patient at the Kerrville State Hospital.  One of the deaths was reported by the Department of State Health Services on Sunday but was from Dec. 15. The death at River Hills Health and Rehabilitation, a nursing home, happened on Dec. 28. The coronavirus death toll in December is now estimated at 39 people, while the overall death toll is now at 79. There have been three deaths in 2021.  Since late September, 18 people have died in Kerrville nursing homes. Kerrville State Hospital had a patient die either Thursday or Friday of last week — the third death of a patient there.  On Monday, Peterson Health reported that there were 60 new COVID-19 cases from the weekend, while 30 people were hospitalized at Peterson Regional Medical Center. DSHS said that more than 2,700 people have tested positive for the virus, but that data is often delayed. The number of active cases in Ker

2 Kerr County residents reported dead due to COVID-19

The Texas Department of State Health Services said that at least two more Kerr County residents have died from coronavirus, while Peterson Health reported hospitalized with the virus continues to stretch the capacity of Peterson Regional Medical Center. The deaths reported by the state are often from those residents who died in hospitals outside of Kerrville County — namely in Bexar County. One death happened Tuesday, while another appears to have happened on Dec. 19. The state also appears to have adjusted some dates of death, including confirming that at least four people died on Dec. 30.  With these two deaths, Kerr County has now had an estimated 76 residents die from COVID-19 during the pandemic. In December, an estimated 37 people died from the virus in Kerr County, but the accounting isn't finished. Reporting from the Texas Health and Human Services, which is counted separately of DSHS, and focuses on nursing and assisted living centers is delayed by two weeks.  On Friday, P